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More than just tubing. the ambIT Cassette is the pump mechanism of the ambIT Infusion System. This cassette attaches to the reusable ambIT® pump driver.

With a new pump mechanism used for every partient, the expenses of maintenance and calibration are eliminated.

Each single-use cassette, with its built-in rotary peristaltic pump technology, is manufactured to exact tolerances. its volumetric accuracy of +/-6% ensures safe and accurate infusion flow rates.*

The ambIT® Cassette allows pharmacies to use qualified and validated USP 797 processes, reducing infection risks and increasing patient safety when pre-filling or filling sterile medication solutions.

Benefits and Safety Features:

  • U.S and Internationally patented technology for detecting occlusion or other pump malfunctions
  • Accomodates standard and non- standard collapsible fluid medication bags
  • Anti-free flow protection
  • Quick manual priming
  • Optional built-in air elimination filter
  • Tubing material: PVC with Polyethylene liner
  • tubing length: 60 inches (152cm) to patient, 10 inches (25cm)to medication bag
  • Latex-free and DEHP-free fluid path.